Central Research Institute
for Machine Building

4. Space Biology and Biotechnology

Statistics on the conditions of CE


Name Head of State
Antigen L.A.Nesterova Accomplished
Aquarium V.N.Sychyov Accomplished
ARIL L.N.Petrov Accomplished
Aseptic T.K.Krasheninnikova Being implemented
Astrovakcina G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
Bacteriofag G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
BIF G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
Biodegradaciya T.A.Alyokhova Being implemented
Bioekologiya T.K.Krasheninnikova Accomplished
Bioemulsiya G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
BIOMAG-M Under preparation
Biomass Enacted
Bioplenka Being implemented
Biorisk N.D.Novikova Being implemented
Biotrek A.D.Ukraintsev Accomplished
Elektronnyy nos Accomplished
FAGEN Being implemented
Feniks Being implemented
Fotobioreaktor Being implemented
Glicoproteid G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
Interleikin-K G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
KAF G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
Kaltsiy Being implemented
Kaskad Being implemented
Konstanta Accomplished
Konstanta-2 Being implemented
Konyugatsiya Being implemented
Kriokonservatsiya Under preparation
Lactolen V.M.Petrov Accomplished
Limb Under preparation
Magnitnyy_3D_bioprinter Being analysed
Membrana Accomplished
MHI Enacted
Mikrobiologicheskiy -monitoring Accomplished
Mikrovir Being implemented
Mimetik-K G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
Mitogeneticheskoe izluchenie Under preparation
MSK-2 Under preparation
Mutaciya Under preparation
Mutagenez Under preparation
OCHB Yu.P.Zerov Accomplished
Perepel Under preparation
Plasmida V.K.Il`in Accomplished
Poligen Yu.P.Altukhov Accomplished
Probiovit Being implemented
Produtsent Being implemented
Rasteniya V.N.Sychyov Being implemented
Regeneraciya G.I.Gorgiladze Accomplished
Regeneratsiya-1 Being implemented
RR Being implemented
Statokoniya G.I.Gorgiladze Accomplished
Structura G.Ya.Shcherbakov Being implemented
Tsitomekhanarium Under preparation
Vaktsina-K G.Ya.Shcherbakov Accomplished
Vitacikl-T Under preparation
Zhenshen-2 Accomplished