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Scientific & Technical Advisory Council (STAC)

The Scientific & Technical Advisory Council (STAC) on Scientific & Applied Research (SAR) and Experiments onboard Manned Space Complexes was established by a joint decision of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency (precursor of the current Federal Space Agency) and the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1994 for the purpose of effective development of SAR programs for manned space complexes.

Mission, functions, structure, composition, section leaders and other data related to the STAC are presented in the current STAC Regulations, Joint Decision on clarification of the Roscosmos` STAC Regulations of July 10, 2014 and Joint Decision on the clarification of STAC personal composition.

The STAC rely upon compliance with its Regulations and sometimes gets involved in most complex and important problems of strategic and tactical planning, monitoring of the progress of scientific and applied research programs implementation onboard manned space complexes with development of specific recommendations for the top management of the program.

STAC is headed by BLOSHENKO Alexander Vitalievich.

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