Central Research Institute
for Machine Building

Multi-purpose Exposition Center

Multi-purpose Exposition Center at JSC «TsNIIMash» is a unique scientific and cultural complex introducing the history of the head enterprise in rocket&space industry and advanced developments of TSNIIMash Centers.

The Center’s exposition demonstrates the rockets and spacecraft prototypes manufactured in experimental workshops of the Institute as well as the prototypes of test facilities for structural, thermal, aerogasdynamic testing and so on.

Welcome to Multi-purpose Exposition Center at JSC «TsNIIMash»!
Address: 141070, Moscow Region, Korolev, ul. Pionerskaya, Building 4
Phone / fax: +7 (495) 513-47-78
Historical Overview
The Museum of History, Scientific& technological Research and Labour Glory was founded at the enterprise by enthusiasts. The Museum was opened in 1986 to the 40th anniversary of the Research Institute.
In 2016, the Museum was renamed Multi-Purpose Exposition Center and reopened after reconstruction. The exhibition area was increased two and a half times. The Multi-Purpose Exposition Center’s collections include more than 2000 exhibits: items of rocket and space equipment, historical relics, photos and documents. Modern exposition of the Center consists of four Halls representing the development history and the focus areas of the Institute: Exhibition Hall, History Hall – Long Way Milestones, Glory Hall, Social Life Hall.
The Cabinet-Museum of Yuri Mozzhorin
The memorial (the cabinet and the break room) was open for visiting in August, 2010. The arrangement of the Cabinet, where Yuri Mozzhorin had worked for 17 years (1973-1990), was recreated.

Yuri’s personal belongings are exhibited in the break room: his coat, his jacket with ribbon bars, rare photos, documents, books with inscriptions and the original presents donated to the museum by Yuri’s relatives.

Historical Overview

Yuri Aleksandrovich Mazzhorin

(28.12.1920 – 15.05.1998) was a scientist, research supervisor and coordinator in the field of rocket development, ground testing and mission control. Yuri Mozzhorin worked as General Director, Research Supervisor of the Central Research Institute for Machine Building for almost 30 years (from 31.07.1961 to 22.11.1990).