Information about scientific and technology magazine Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering

Work of scientific editorial board and technology editors’ office of the magazine Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering in accordance with VAK (Higher Attestation Commission)’s requirements is regulated by the following provisions:

The magazine’s status:

1.      Mass media registration certificate ПИ № ФС77-36913 dated 20.07.2009 issued by Roscomnadzor (Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technology and Communication). The subject of the magazine is information in the sphere of rocket and space technology. Distributed over the territory of the Russian Federation.

2.      Russian Federation Ministry of Taxes and Levies’ registration certificate 1025002032791 dated 22.10.2002. Russian Central Institute of Bibliography confirmed that the magazine was registered in the International center ISSN under number 1994-3210.

3.      Subscription index in the Rospechat catalogue is 20859. The magazine is intended for the scientists, employees of scientific and research institutes and design engineering offices, enterprises of space industry and for the higher school scientists, it is issued 6 times a year. The magazine is included into the list of scientific publications approved by VAK of the Russian Federation.

4.      In accordance with agreement with Scientific Electronic Library (NEB) (№ ИР-9120/344-15 от 02.09.2015) full text and metadata of the magazine are included into the RINTS (Russian index of scientific citing) system.

5.      Internet version. On the website of FGUP TSNIImash in the section Publications there is subsection Scientific and technology magazine Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering where the requirements for article formalization, the rules of review, abstracts of articles, the contents of magazine’s issues are given. Description of the magazine can be found on the website

The order of submitting the typescript:

6.      Written by the authors typescript executed in accordance with publication requirements is submitted to the editorial board of FGUP TSNIImash in two paper copies. Additionally the typescript is submitted in electronic form (recorded in flash memory stick or other magnetic recording device). Contact phone number and e-mail address must be specified as well.

7.      Expert’s conclusion from the place of work of the authors must be attached to the typescript which confirms that the material can be published in open mass media.

8.      There must be key words in the typescript (not more than 7). The literature list (not more than 15 sources of information) must not contain references to scientific reports or online links.

9.      The volume of text must be not more than 15 pages (font 12, interval 1,5), the number of illustrations must not exceed 10. Detailed requirements to formalization of typescript are shown on the website of FGUP TSNIImash in the section Requirements to the articles.

What is done with the typescript:

10.   Person in editorial board who is responsible for documentation will get the typescript both via dispatch room of FGUP TSNIImash and by e-mail, he will give it incoming number, etc.

11.   Editorial board of FGUP TSNIImash will appoint an expert from the formed institute of review. External expert is also possible.

12.   Responsible person will type accompanying letter and send 1 copy of the typescript to the expert so that he could give motivated conclusion.

13.   While reviewing the material of the article expert will check the truthfulness of the results, correspondence of the article formalization to the requirements and give out his conclusion on the possibility of publication in written form. The period for writing a review by expert can not exceed 3 months. In case of refusal from publication the text of grounded negative comment must be given to the authors.

14.   The articles with experts’ comments are gathered into blocks by deputy chief editor or by person who is responsible for subjects. Responsible person types preliminary list of contents of next issue which is submitted by deputy chief editor to the editorial board for consideration.

15.   Typescripts, expertise protocols and electronic files received for publication in next issue of the magazine will be passed over to the technology editors’ office of department 9121 (ONTI/Department of scientific and technology information).

16.   After literary and technical editing the text of typescripts will be coordinated with the authors and magazine variant made up into pages will be submitted to chief editor or his deputy.

17.   Advance reading copy will be approved by the chief editor or his deputy and will be passed over to the printing shop to print the copies of magazine.

18.   Editorial board will have the right to change the heading of the article, its text, and illustration and remove image if it does not correspond to the set requirements.

19.   Editorial board will have the right to reject from publication of the article without giving the reasons and writing letters to its authors.

Informative openness of the edition

20.   Deputy chief editor, after approval of FGUP TSNIImash administration, will place the list of contents of the next issue of the magazine on the website of FGUP TSNIImash.

21.   In accordance with agreement with scientific electronic library (NEB) (№ ИР-9120/344-15 dated 02.09.2015) there will be data base ready in ONTI which will contain metadata of the magazine: authors’ names, key words, citing references and abstracts of articles.

22.   After binding of all the copies half of them will be passed over to ONTI to be sold via Rospechat by subscription, via the book-shop or in other way, including obligatory copies for Central Institute of Bibliography, the halls of periodical literature of GNTB, MSU, MIPT etc. Second half will be passed over to the person in editorial board responsible for documentation for free-of-charge distribution to the articles’ authors, to the top management of FGUP TSNIImash, to the members of Science Council and the editorial board, postgraduate education office, to the library. Usually the number of copies is 200. Anniversary issues of the magazine can be increased in number up to 500 copies.

What is done in RINTS (Russian Science Citation Index) system

23.   Deputy chief editor will perform duties of the administrator of Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering magazine on the NEB’s website. The administrator corrects and adds information card of the publishing house, registration form of it. He has access to the list of magazines of the publishing house included into RINTS and to the statistics of looking through the articles of the magazine by the users.

24.   During 2 weeks from the moment of the next issue publishing ONTI will transform data base into XML-files for Internet.

25.   Data base in digital form XML of the latest issue of the magazine will be included into protected directory of RINTS system by passing it to the server via web-interface of NEB.

Workflow management

26.   Editorial board will have a special room equipped with phone and Internet communications which is necessary for work with NEB and the authors of the articles.

27.   Editorial board works in accordance with plan developed by top management of FGUP TSNIImash. Person responsible for documentation keeps records of editorial board’s work, meeting protocols, correspondence with external organizations, administrations’ orders. Additionally he keeps separate folder with experts’ comments and expertise protocols about possibility of publication in open mass media.

28.   Responsible person types the editorial board’s meeting protocols keeping all remarks regarding every typescript.

29.   In case of anniversaries responsible person will type and send via dispatch room invitations to the authors signed by the chief editor and collects received materials for further processing.

30.   Paper and electronic record of magazine’s issues for all previous years and corresponding data base for NEB are formed in ONTI and editorial board.

31.   Every half a year ONTI enters into agreement with Rospechat Agency for making and execution of contracts for subscription at the territory of the Russian Federation, Baltic states and CIS.

32.   Every year editorial board of the magazine must confirm complying with VAK’s requirements in accordance with ROSOBRNADZOR (Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency)’s request.

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