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The publishing house and the founder of the Cosmonautics and rocket engineering magazine is the Federal state unitary enterprise Central Scientific and Research Institute of machine engineering (the mass media registration certificate ПИ №ФС77-36913 of July 2009).

Publishing activity is performed by FGUP TSNIImash by virtue of the Articles of association (OKVED 58.14 – publishing of magazines and periodical publications) with the purpose of:

- informing the public about activities of the enterprise and popularization of the most significant scientific results of its work regarding fundamental and applied researches in the sphere of rocket and space technologies;

- providing scientists (post-graduate students seeking for an academic degree) with opportunity to publish the results of their scientific researches;

- promoting the enterprise as the leading scientific and research institute of the Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS);

- increasing of scientific ranking of the enterprise in information and analytical data-bases.

Printed version of the magazine is distributed by FGUP TSNIImash within the Russian Federation by means of AO Rospechat Agency (subscription index 20859 in the Newspapers. Magazines catalogues).

For distribution of the magazine in electronic form TSNIImash provides the Scientific Electronic Library (NEB) with simple non-exclusive license for inclusion of electronic copies of the magazine into NEB’s database to enable Internet users’ access to them (

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