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The scientific and technical journal «Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering» is a printed organ of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Central Research Institute of Machine Building» (FSUE TsNIIMash) – the Head Research Institute of the Russian Federal Space Agency. 

The journal has been published since 1993. For the past 10 years it is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which basic scientific results of dissertations for the degrees of Candidate or Doctor of Science must be published.

Practically, it is the only periodical publication in the country that covers all issues related to rocket and space technology: from concept development and long-term perspectives of the Russian space activity to specific technological solutions and their conversion developments in the interest of other industries.

Basic headings of the journal:
  • System Studies of space activities.
  • Design, construction, production and testing of aircraft. Dynamics, ballistics and flight control of aircraft and space stations.
  • Theoretical and experimental studies of issues of mechanics, aerodynamics, heat transfer, durability and structural dynamics of aircraft.
  • Research of applied tasks of space monitoring, and the development of new technologies. Systems of space communications, satellite navigation and coordinate-time provision.
  • Metrology. Quality and reliability assurance of space-rocket systems. Standardization and certification of rocket and space technology.

Names and contents of the journal headings correspond to two branches of science: physical and mathematical sciences (01.00.00) and technical sciences (05.00.00), and to five groups of scientific specialties: mechanics (01.02.00); Aviation, rocket and space technology (05.07.00); computer science, computer facilities and management (05.13.00); instrumentation, metrology, information-measuring devices and systems (05/11/00); radio engineering and communication (05.12.00) in accordance with the nomenclature of scientific specialties, approved by the order № 59 of February 25, 2009 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation «On approval of the Nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers» with amendments by which the publication is claimed for listing.

The journal published the results of scientific research obtained in the interest of the Russian Space Agency, the Russian Defense Ministry, Ministry of Education of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Interior Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry of Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, Federal Air Transport Agency, Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia, Rosstandart and other federal bodies of executive power.

The journal published materials from Chief Executives of Roscosmos and its leading enterprises – Yu.N. Koptev, A.N. Perminov, N.F. Moiseyev,Yu.N. Makarov, V.F. Utkin, A.S. Korotev, V.P. Makeyev, D.I. Kozlov, V.S. Rachuk, V.G. Degtyar, I.I. Velichko, I.V. Barmin, Yu.P. Semyonov, V.Ya.Likhushin, V.A. Nemkevich, S.N. Konyukhov, K.M. Pichkhadze, G.M. Polishyuk, Yu.M. Urlichich; representatives of the Ministry of Defense – V.Z. Dvorkin, V.A. Popovkin, V.A. Menshikov; RAS Academicians – V.S. Avduyevskiy, B.E. Chertok, Yu.S. Osipov, V.A. Fortov, L.M. Zelyony, N.A. Anfimov, B.V. Raushenbakh, V.P. Legostayev; RAS Corresponding Members – O.M. Alifanov, N.M. Ivanov; professors – A.V. Karmishin, G.R. Uspenskiy; cosmonauts – V.A. Solovyov , T. Stafford, J. Engle, and others.

Materials dedicated to the memory of outstanding figures of science and technology – M.V. Keldysh, V.P. Makeyev, V.P. Mishin, V.N. Chalomey, V.P. Barmin, Yu.A. Mozzhorin, V.M. Kovtunenko, S.A. Kosberg, N.I. Leontyev, M.F. Reshetnyov, A.A. Pilyugin, D.D. Sevruk, B.E. Chertok, and others were published in a special section of the journal «Space: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow».

Since 2014 the magazine is published with a periodicity of six issues per year.

The journal is included in the national information-analytical system - Russian Science Citation Index (RISC). The five-year impact factor of the journal with the self-citation is 0.154 in 2012 and 0.305 in 2014. Excluding self-citation the five-year impact factor of the journal in 2014 is 0,136. 
The journal is registered in Roskomnadzor in 2009 as a means of mass media in the field of rocket and space technology (registration number PI FS77-36913 of 20 July 2009).

As a serial publication the journal is registered in the International Centre under No. ISSN 1994-3210 (Certificate of the Tax Ministry: 1025002032791 dated 22 October 2002).

The journal «Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering» is extended to the territory of the Russian Federation through the agency of "Rospechat" (subscription index 20859 in the catalog «Newspapers. Magazines»). The electronic form is not covered. 

The publication has a page on official website of the enterprise: 

More information on the journal can be obtained through the Scientific Electronic Library website:

Materials of the publication are intended for scholars, scientists and technicians of  research institutes, design bureaus, enterprises of the rocket and space industry, as well as scholars of Higher School, whom we invite for cooperation and publication in the journal. 


Editorial Board – 8(495) 513-59-84; kiselevaov@tsnimash.ru
Technical Board – 8(495) 513-41-03; filimonovsa@tsniimash.ru

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